Larry Connatser, 1938-1996

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Joan Hamilton Cobitz Collection

All artwork on this site is from the personal collection of Joan Hamilton Cobitz

(1933-2005), companion and friend to Larry for many years. It represents her

astute, clear eye and comprehension of Larry's work. Pieces range from early

1960's to the last paintings by Larry before his death in 1996.

These pieces are offered for purchase by Joan's son, Tony Cobitz.

If you'd like to see the artwork in person or want more information regarding a

purchase please contact Betsy Cain at or call

912.308.6321. If you would like to receive by email a larger version of any of

the artwork please click here and give us your email address and which image

you would like to see.

Although born in Birmingham, Alabama, Larry Connatser was raised in Atlanta,

Georgia, which he considered his hometown. He took his degree in literature

and philosophy at Vanderbilt University in 1961. Shortly afterwards he began,

as a self taught artist, painting in Chicago in 1962. Returning south in 1971,

Larry moved to Savannah where he maintained a residence - even after 1984,

when the artist’s career and interests took him back to Atlanta, till the end of

his life in 1996.

A prolific artist, (2500 paintings) he lived primarily by selling work from his

studio-home. Larry Connatser’s paintings are represented in regional museums,

public buildings, corporate, and private art collections. The Morris Museum of Art

in Augusta, Georgia, is the repository of the Larry Connaster estate including

hundreds of paintings, papers and ephemera.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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